Monday, 16 May 2016

Mercy pool

I know God is awesome, and all knowing, and the greatest of greatest, and higher than the highest, the King of kings and Lord of lords but wow I just imagined what it must mean for God to continuously have to listen to, bear and forgive the different sins of just one man, let alone the millions and billions of people around the world. 

I wonder how much we drain from the mercy pool every morning, every afternoon and every night. Imagine the hurt you feel or would feel when or if someone constantly and consistently offended you and came back time and time again asking for forgiveness and still didn't change. What would you do to/with that relationship? Would you be able to carry on or would you throw in the towel? Does it seem alright for someone to keep hurting you with the same or new hurts over and over again and still say they love you? Sounds like lip or eye service to me.

We have to be careful not to be ones depleting the mercy pool of people we interact with daily, cos humans often have limits and after a while there may be nothing left in the pool for you to take from. While I hope that we can continuously give from our mercy pool, I even as much or much more hope that we don't have to deal with relationships that continuously deplete our mercy stores and take us over the edge.

If you have ever had anyone consistently offend you, drain of your mercy pool, then you must understand the need to maintain a healthier relationship with God and not to have to send Christ to back to the cross consistently for your sins. We should always approach the throne of God to obtain mercy and I believe we should live as ones appreciative of the many mercies that have been given to us. 

Thank all the people in your life for letting you take from their mercy pools and work at not depleting it. Make efforts to keep your own mercy pool always fresh, cos if you continue in well doing you shall reap the benefit. To add to that, we are expected to live as peacefully with ALL men as possible. Thank you for reading. 

Thank you Lord, for the Mercy pool. 
Faith A.A 

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