Saturday, 30 August 2014

Zara's diary 1

Zara’s diary 1

.. The morning today feels and looks really beautiful, Zara was happy to go to work. On her way to work that day though, just in front of her office a little boy carrying a big tray of sachet water (what is called pure water in Nigeria) could not hold his balance anymore so he fell towards Zara. About 50% of the sachets broke and some of the water poured on Zara. She was angry within her but she also felt pity for the boy. So she just sighed and left. Luckily she had her small hand hair dryer, she went into her office bathroom and dried as much of herself as she could. While doing that though, she wished she had given the little boy some money for the sachets that broke. Poverty often left children little or no options than to hawk which was really dangerous. They could get bullied, they could get mixed up in the wrong crowd, and their goods could be stolen, amongst other things. Some of these kids became thieves out rightly, making them a menace to society. Sigh*. One day Zara thought, ‘I'd have an NGO, one that works at the grass root, one aimed at empowering and educating the masses. That should give better chances for the little sachet water boy to become more’.

Turn Back the Hands of Time

Our friend the Northern Lagosian is here with another of her written pieces. This time she is talking about what she could have done differently. Find her article below.