About me

Hello. What does one write on an about me page? My name is Faith A.A, God's daughter. I love the guitar and sewing (I do not know how to do either yet, but the thought of being able to do both gets me excited and maybe putting it out there, that I love both, would set me on path to learning them) among other thing. I am a recent lover of all things DIY, being able to make things on my own I guess, gives me some form of high. These days I try my hands on a lot of new stuff from cooking to very amateur art. Some of them would make their way to my blog. Also every  now and then I pick up my illusory pen and just like to write, my blog would be an avenue to share some of my thoughts. My family and friends would also have their voice heard through  my blog.

So.......... Come along for the ride!!!!!!!

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