Saturday, 16 January 2016

Facts of life: When the purpose of God is not understood.

When the purpose of life is not understood
1. Life ends in regret
2. Life ends as a burden
3. Disaster is inevitable

Facts of life
1. Life is a gift, He giveth to all life. Nobody decided to live, God gave you life.
Life must be lived and used to the pleasure of the giver.
Does God feel excited that he made you or does it repent God?
Genesis 5:5-6
Will God be able to say to you , I am pleased that you are leading people to heaven?
2. Life is a privilege: Every day you wake up and every second you live, it is a privilege not a right. Never take life for granted, live it with appreciation.
3. Life is a seed. How we live today determines how we end tomorrow. How we live, in time, determines how we end in eternity.
4. Life is a game. How you live determines whether you win or loose in life. Just for the satisfaction of his appetite, Esau lost his birth right for a life time. Play to win, live to win, not to loose.
5. Life is vapour. James 4:14. Everyone you see today, will go some day. Live each day as if it is your last, because one day it will be your last. Steve Jobs came to the realisation and conclusion when he got his diagnosis and prognosis about his health. Understand your priorities, don't bother with what does not matter, don't spend your life time making enemies.
So know this:
1.Ensure quality relationships with your maker continuously.
2.Ensure quality relationship with humanity, husband, wife, brother, sister, loved ones.
3.Trust God to help you be a people person.
4.Ensure quality impact in life. Be remembered for something good. Do something for someone and for the Church, that the person and Church would remember you for a long, possibly life time.
Let someone be happy that your mother gave birth to you.

Self supervision is the best supervision, don't let someone always be reminding you to come to Church, to pay your tithe. Supervise yourself and do what is right. Impact as many people as you can positively. There are many people who have been married for over 40years and Live happily, but you someone has to ask you every time what did madam do again? Have a quality relationship with God, with people, make impact. Ask yourself 'am I pleasing God'? Is God regretting your creation or is He happy with you?

One of my notes. Just thought to share.
This one was preached by Pastor Paul Enenche.
Be reminded.
Be responsible.
Be always a blessing.