Saturday, 24 October 2015

Nim's Game Centre

Nim's games centre is a game and entertainment centre.People come to relax, play games and have fun. We invite you to come check out Nims place with your friends and have a good time. Use the code names Cutie diamond or Classy Africans to get 50% discount on your first game from 25th October to 31st October 2015. 

Yes, I had to stop by my friend's pharmacy in the plaza to take a picture.  

The plaza where the centre is situated, Hussey plaza, opposite WAEC office beside Yaba Tech, opened officially yesterday but we were Late to the opening, thanks to the Boo. 
Stories are that the opening was amazing, there was small chops and drinks and we like that sort of thing.  

Anyways this is a good time to come check us out at the plaza as you can cash in on fresh and relatively affordablegoods and services. 

We look forward to having you there. 
What did you get up to this weekend. ?

Faith A.A. 

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