Friday, 23 October 2015

Chronicles of a jobless graduate 231015

23rd October 2015

Today is day something of me not working and its frustrating. Well I have a part time job but its away from where I live, it's in another state so I basically do correspondence kind of job. Meaning I am not fully able to exert myself as I wish I would have. You see I have an undergrad degree in pharmacy and a master's degree in public health and its been roughly 2 years since I got my MPH degree so I hoped by now I would have been working in a job of choice, but that hasn't happened yet.

I love to sew and I finally learnt how to sew, it is more work than imagined but the outcome is always rewarding. I started making a jumpsuit yesterday and I hoped I would be able to go far with it today, possibly complete it, but NEPA won't let me. Infrastructure in this country needs to become top notch or at least better than it is now so that individuals can run businesses even from home successfully.

So today I didn't get to do what I hoped to do and another jobless day has passed. Sometimes I wish I had taken on a job that I didn't necessarily like but that would have at least had me busy. Perhaps if I did that I would have leveraged on it into another job.
Today though unlike many other days I don't feel as bad because somehow I feel that I am close to a break through of some sort in my professional and business life and I feel like a felt God in a new dimension today. Some of you who have had to look for jobs for a little longer than you hoped may understand what I am talking about or not.

What I do know is staying in the hurt and asking questions and wishing things were better doesn't change things and so I resolve to stay positive , because in the end, as a man thinketh in his heart so is he. Plus dwelling on what could have been changes nothing. what's important is that we learn from all our experiences and use it to make our tomorrow and someone else's tomorrow better.........

Update: The day did end well, I made a 'Fantabulous' Jumpsuit, light at the end of the tunnel, Yes ? Yes! Because I have learnt to celebrate even the little things.

What depth have you crawled out of today?
What thoughts made you feel better about yourself?

Faith A.A.

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