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GoLdEn LuCy 6

Lucy sat outside her house thinking about her life. She had finally summoned the courage take a pregnancy test (PT) after missing another period. 
She could have taken the regular home test, but she wasn't ready for the uncertainty that may come with it. Two days before going to the diagnostic lab for the PT, Lucy had invited Mr. Adams over. 
It had become increasingly hard for her to see him. He still acted like he was her boyfriend but he was not as great as he used to be at caring for Lucy. In fact these days Lucy had resorted to calling Auta when she needed a manly help for something in her house. Auta felt friendzoned. He felt like Lucy reserved him to the side and was now using him because Adams was no more within easy reach. Still Auta always answered when Lucy called. He liked Lucy a lot, some may say it bothered on obsession. 
Lucky for Lucy, Mr Adams was available to see her this time. She told him she'd missed her period twice and she wanted to go run a test. Mr Adams was fine with that. He said he'd even follow her, this made Lucy excited, someone to hold her hand at least. Just before Mr Adams drove off though, he told Lucy that they'd have to run a DNA test for the Baby if she happened to be pregnant. 
Lucy was shocked at what Mr Adams said. She had been with no other man but him, and he knew it. Mr Adams on the other hand didn't believe Lucy. After all she admitted to the fact that she'd had dealings with her ex-boyfriend, but not as far as she had with him. 
Besides he wasn't ready to be a father yet. So Mr Adams really wanted that DNA test run. What really motivated the need for the test however was the fact that Auta was always in Lucy's house. He had heard that Auta had even slept over on three occasions when Lucy's room mate, Onome was out of town. Lucy said nothing happened between them, but her tale wasn't good enough for him. After Mr Adams dropped the bomb on Lucy, he smiled and drove off. Wow Lucy thought.
The day for the test came and Adams said he had a function to attend to, so he could only drop Lucy off at the lab. Lucy had by this time relayed her fears to Ngozi but not Lola. Lola after all wants Auta and this may just be a way to mock Lucy and launch herself into Auta's heart and Lucy wasn't ready for that Mockery. 
Ngozi agreed to meet Lucy up at the lab and stay with her till the result was ready. After Lucy's blood sample was taken for the PT test she returned back to the reception area to sit with her friend. Lucy noticed Ngozi was trying to cheer her up, to take her mind off her anxiety. They talked about how Lucy could have missed her period for many other reasons. 
Once the result was ready, Lucy was handed an envelope by the receptionist and told 'Congratulations'. Lucy gave a half hearted smile in response. In reality the receptionist was making a joke of Lucy and she knew it. More often than not the receptionist had seen so called innocent girls walk into the lab, looking holy and all, only to turn up with results that were unexpected. 'Single Girls looking so decent shouldn't even have to come for PT or HIV test', thought the receptionist. 
The receptionist knew nothing about Lucy's life but she had judged her already. So Lucy wondered in her heart, how people who knew her would react. She took the envelope to Ngozi, tears running down her cheeks. Ngozi joined her. She didn't know what to say. She didn't know what words to use to console her friend. In fact Ngozi didn't know if Lucy, needed to be consoled, because children are gifts. 
Lola was out with some friends, so Ngozi and Lucy went to Ngozi's place to soak in the news properly. Lucy finally got around to reading the report when she got to Ngozi's place and it was more tears. She tried calling Mr. Adams but he didn't pick so she sent him a text saying they needed to talk, Mr. Adams didn't reply. That kind of text could mean only one thing, Lucy was pregnant and he wasn't ready to handle that. 
In the Night, Lucy tried to call Mr. Adams again but he didn't pick. 'Meeting must have long been over, so why isn't he calling me?' Lucy wondered. So she sent a text to him saying 'I am pregnant Adamsy. We are expecting a baby'. Adams replied, but all he said was 'Ok'. Ok? What does 'Ok' even mean? Lucy was furious she called again he didn't pick. So she sent more messages blasting him and telling him how her life had turned miserable because of him. Finally before Adams slept he sent a reply:
'You can blame me for your misery if you please but the sex we had was consensual. I didn't rape you, so stop acting like i'm an animal. Girls are quite typical, all I had to do was lure you with gift and fake acts of service. I really liked you, in fact Lucy I loved you, but I wish you had controlled yourself better and kept away sexually from me. You proved to be the same with all the girls I have bedded, all 10 of them. You are number 11. How naive of you to think that the sight of a Bible in my car justified me as Holy. You have more than the physical Bible in your bag, you can recite more Bible verses than anyone I know, yet you are as flawed as the woman who has never opened her Bible, because big or small, sin is sin. I told you already, i'm responsible enough to raise a child that is mine, but i'd require a DNA test. You cannot force me to accept the child just like that. Plus this unnamed relationship is over. I can see that you are a nagging woman and I won't settle for that. Goodnight'.
Tears flowed down Lucy's face as she read this and memories went back to her days as the Church's Golden girl. Lucy is beautiful and she loves the Lord with all her heart, soul and might and this was obvious. Many people called her the 'Golden girl' of the Church even from her University days. As she thought back on her life she realised she was more rotten in her eyes than golden. Filled with filth and nothing to write back 'home' to her University fellowship. 
Lucy cried all through the night, realising she had disappointed God, her family, her Church and friends. Who was she going to turn to now besides Ngozi for help. She was ashamed to pray, For she wondered how God felt about her. She was beyond afraid to call her mum. Lucy's dad is an elder in her family Church, so when this news gets out it would be disappointing to say the least. Her mum had told her many times to keep herself intact for her husband and she had promised to adhere but look at her now. People will call her and her family hypocrites, her mum, dad and siblings would be ashamed. Her friends would be shocked. What to do, what to do? 
Only Ngozi and Adams knew about the pregnancy. Onome didn't know because Lucy now pretended to be on her period, wearing sanitary towel during her normal menstrual period. Lucy had come to a conclusion. She was going to see a Doctor, Ngozi and her found online. They had stalked the doctor virtually and physically and had decided to consult with him. 
Lucy wasn't going to shame her parents. She wasn't as bothered about her friends or the Church as she was of her parent's reaction. They had worked so hard to raise godly children and didn't deserve this. 
So Lucy decided 'I am going to terminate this pregnancy'. She had made up her mind, abortion would cure everyone of shame because they wouldn't even get to know. Lucky for Lucy some may say, she didn't have morning sickness so you wouldn't know her status unless you were told. 
Ngozi didn't agree with what Lucy was doing, but she was going to support her anyway. Today was the day, Lucy would see the doctor. She had booked an appointment. In fact to speed up the abortion she had bought a concoction from the market the day before and taken it as prescribed by the medicine man to help take out the baby. Lucy didn't tell the doctor of this and she didn't plan too. She just felt it would ensure that the baby is truly aborted. 
As Lucy sat waiting for Ngozi so they could head to the doctor, Maggie her BQ mate came out and saw her lost in thought. 
"Good morning Lucy." Magdeline shouted.  "Lucy ooooo good morning." Lucy snapped out of her thoughts and replied "good morning o jare". 
If only Maggie knew what Lucy had on her mind. Shortly after Maggie left, Ngozi came along and they both set out. 
*Golden Lucy 7 next week*
Faith Alfa Alozie

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