Tuesday, 10 February 2015

.......... This Season and always

Hello people, 

It's been a minute or two. How are you all doing? So it's the season for love or it's it? Well Valentine's around the corner, so I did a little survey to find out what people have to say about valentine as it relates to them. The questions I asked were :

1. What does love mean to you?
2. Do you like the idea of valentine? 
3. Ever been 'valed'? 
4. What's the best Val's gift you have received so far? And what story is there to it? 
5. What gift would you like to receive this year for Val's? 
6. What's the most exciting gift, you have given out for Val's? 
7. Are people of the opposite sex creative when it comes to vals gifting?

Each answer card, has the relationship status and gender of the person answering above and their names are reflected at the bottom. Enjoy. 

Well there you have it, it would seem like the little things or the way the gifts are presented or the 'obvious' thoughtfulness is what matters and not really the grandness of the gift. (Well except for a few estates and stuffs being wanted, lol). 

Wonders why people are always so afraid to go get Vals gift or always making a fuss about it 'trying to escape'. 

So be creative and show love. Ultimately Love is God and the season for love is everyday, so I hope we show love to loved ones and strangers alike this season and beyond.

Xoxo 😘👄💋

Faith Alfa Alozie