Thursday, 26 March 2015

GoLdEn LuCy 1

"Good morning Lucy." Magdeline (also known as Maggie) shouted. "Lucy ooooo good morning." Lucy snapped out of her thoughts and replied "good morning o jare". 
Maggie and Lucy chatted a bit, with Maggie concerned and worried if all was well with Lucy. 

Lucy didn't like the idea of having to join the national youth service corps (NYSC) in Kogi State. It was hot, she didn't really have friends there and there were no fun places for her to visit or at least not what she was used to in Abuja where her parents lived or Lagos where her elder sister lived. She did however like that Lokoja (Kogi State's capital) had an array of fine hotels to hang out in and also had big, affordable, some may say cheap, fish. Lucy also liked the scenery of the River Niger and River Benue that ran through Lokoja. All these made serving in Kogi somewhat interesting to Lucy, but it was by no means her choice place. She was however one to go with the flow, so that she doesn't lose out on what may be God's plans for her. 

Maggie, Lucy's neighbour in the Boys' Quarter (BQ) knew that Lucy didn't like Lokoja and that she complained every now and then, so she encouraged Lucy to endure a little more, there was after all just one month left to the end of the service year. Lucy smiled and thanked Maggie and Maggie went her way. What Maggie sensed right was that Lucy was lost in deep thoughts, that was quite obvious to anyone who passed by. What Maggie however thought was bothering Lucy was off. 

The one month left for service year to be over was the least of Lucy's worries. She was thinking back and playing out the series of events that had gone on in her life over the last few years and all she'd gone through or allowed herself go through was what made her feel lost in thought, so lost that seconds after she bade Maggie farewell, she was lost, deeply lost, again in thoughts and confusion.

What was really on Lucy's mind? 
Her career plans?
A plan for Masters?
A murder she helped cover?
Or something else?

Faith Alfa Alozie

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