Friday, 17 February 2017

Onise Iyanu - God of AWESOME Wonders

Hello diamonds,

How have you been?
I hope you enjoyed your Valentine day and I hope you kept it clean?
My friend (I could call her sister now, because she is like a sister, that friend that actually sticks closer) gave birth some days ago. Praise God. Hallelujah! Her testimony of the delivery day is amazing. Read her story below.

I could title this story many names, from Onise Iyanu (God of awesome wonder), to Hebrew Birth, to supernatural childbirth.

God has been wonderful to me and I have to tell of His wonders. You see my younger sister's wedding is on the 4th of March. As an elder sister it would do me great joy to be of help to her and to participate as much as I can in her wedding preparations and the wedding itself. With this in mind I did what a child of God should do, I took my desires and request to God. Note that my EDDs were 20th and 28th of February. However, I asked that God should please let this baby be born on Valentine's day. This would mean the child was coming at least 2 weeks to my sister's wedding, giving me enough time to heal and be of help to my sister. Besides my first two children came around 38 weeks, a day before or exactly on the 38th week and 14th of February would be the 38th week. I said this prayer hoping that God would honour me but not even sure I would get what I had asked for.

Recently though I had developed diarrhoea and had attributed it to the akara I had eaten. Bean products make me stool more than normal, so I automatically credited it to the akara. After some days however, my mother thougt I should go to the hospital and get something for the diarrhoea. I went to the hospital, the Nurse greeted me in the normal endearing way and asked what I came for. I told her and she proceeded to check me. on checking me she gave me news I was not expecting. She said I was 5cm dilated.

Do you understand what this means? My goodness. Any woman who has gone through labour would appreciate this mercy and wonder of God. God had allowed me to go into painless labour. I had no pain and I was contracting and somehow He had ordered my steps to the hospital at the right time.  In fact the Nurse was asking if I brought my delivery bag and I didn't because that is not even what I came for. This was 10am. I went home and about an hour later around 11am, I returned to the hospital with my mother.

Video of Ogola dancing 

You see when I got to the hospital I kept singing and praising and worshipping God waiting for the labour to start or water to break. Finally the health care staff decided to induce me at 3pm and before I finished a 10th of the drip the contractions started and in 10minutes of contraction the baby was born.  God helped me give birth to a 4KG baby boy without any tear and without the expected kind of pain women are expected to go through during labour. This is my biggest child yet. God is AWESOME! It can only be God. I am a Christian and I know all these cannot be coincidence. They are God-incidence.

Video of Ogola dancing

Let me add that when I had desired to give birth 2 weeks before my sister's wedding, I had shared this desire with my husband and asked him to agree with me in prayer. If two or three would agree concerning anything it would be done unto them as they believe. I knew there was something to combined Faith, especially between a husband and his wife. See God gave me as I desired. I had this baby on the 13th of February. 14th of February would have been exactly 38weeks. Come on now! God heard my prayers and gave me the desires of my heart.

I am a mother for the third time and God did it for me without pain or burdens. I am a testimony and I praise God.
I HAVE SEEN THE GOODNESS OF THE LORD IN THE LAND OF THE LIVING AND I MUST TESTIFY OF IT. I couldn't just sit as a fool and allow this testimony not be told. We overcame the devil by the blood of the Lamb and By the WORDS OF OUR TESTIMONY.

Let me emphasize that I was feeling so normal just before my labour and I was praising with that song (Onise Iyanu) because that was really what was on my mind. Among what you take from this story, let this be the most important: God can do anything! The Hebrew women kind of birth is not impossible with God. I didn't know how someone can be in labour and not feel pain. Until I experienced it. Faith like a mustard seed, can move mountains.

Lord I am forever grateful for giving me this testimony. Baba God you are too much. Your name be exalted forever.

Tell God your desires. Do one better than me, when you tell Him, believe! Get in agreement in prayer with your spouse or anyone that you can agree with in Faith.

His name is Kavnen Habib Kange

Thank you Ogola for sharing.
You are evidence that God has taken our burdens and helps us through every phase of life.
May God add many more blessings to you and your family in Jesus name! Amen!

Thank you diamonds for reading.
Please share
Faith A. A.


  1. I connect to this testimony oh, for when I will have my own children... It will be painless, just like the Hebrew women the Bible spoke of.. This is truly amazing

  2. Wow.Awesome God. I connect to this great testimony.

  3. Faithful God... Hallelujah. He takes all the Glory.

  4. God is indeed faith full. Congratulations ogola

  5. God of awesome wonders indeed!!!

  6. I connect too this testimony!! That the child I'm expecting in October will come pain free, complication free and that I would be dancing and rejoicing as she chooses to enter the world in Jesus name!! amen!!. Thank you Faith for sharing this testimony, and thank you Ogola for allowing her to share with us.

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