Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Concentrated pepper and onion chutney

I have always wanted to make a concentrated rich pepper sauce that would be ready for use basically any time and I set about doing that. This is a homemade concentrated pepper and onion chutney/sauce that you can easily make #DIY #Chutney #Sauce #Pepper. There is so much you can do with it. #Garnish. #Marinate. Sauce for #carbohydrate or #vegetable. Add to your #pancake mix before frying or even yogurt before freezing. 


Fresh Tatashe, about 1000ml, (Two bowls is those sold for N200 each in Lagos market )

Pepper, about 250-500mls of it, depending on how hot you want it 

Onions, 6 large ones

Powdered Crayfish, 5 tablespoons 

Knorr, 3 

Curry powder, 1 tablespoon 

Oil, for frying 


Grind or blend the tatashe, pepper and onions. Do not grind it too smooth.
Pour the blended mix in an empty pot on fire and allow the water to dry. 

Once the moisture content has reduced or dried up, add oil to fry.  

Keep stirring to prevent the paste from sticking to the pot. After about 30 minutes of frying, add the knorr. 

Go on stirring the mix until it becomes dry and the color darkens. 

Add the crayfish and allow to fry for another 15 to 30 minutes. 

Remove from heat source and allow to cool down. 

Pack into your jar and keep in the fridge.

It is ready for use. 

The next post would give you a picture of one of the ways to use it.  

Of course you should go on and make it in preparation for the next post or even go on to do some innovative stuff with your chutney. 

Remember don't keep the fun away from others. 

Share your sauce 

and share the link to this blog. 

Have a lovely day 


  1. I'm so going to try it, but seeing as I don't like crayfish what can I subtitue it with

    1. You can use any meat of your choice. Just boil the meat till it is really soft, shred the meat, remove the bones and then use little oil to fry the shredded meat dry. So chicken, beef or goat meat. Let me know how it goes and please take pictures for me.