Wednesday, 3 September 2014

In the deep......

I was wondering to myself, what should I do or anyone for that matter, when one feels down or feels like they are heading down into the dark deep. So I asked some of my friends what they do when they find themselves in this kind of situation. Find their answers below. 

Thank you to all my friends who contributed to this post.
So what do you do when you feel yourself heading into a deep dark place? Please share your thoughts in the comment section. 

Purple Cutie.


  1. Firstly when I feel down I pray, I speak to a trusted friend, i cry out my anger, hurt and frustration I also listen to music. Mercie Jates

  2. When down, I focus on the bigger picture, the future that is already a success and I look at present downtime as part of the beautiful story. SomoMilestone

  3. I sing worship songs, pray, leave it completely at the feet of the master and try not to worry bcos I've realised worrying is just as a galloping horse and does nothing positive. I go to sleep thereafter with a full assurance of divine settlement.

  4. I listen to gospel music n relax. it's soothe @Juls.

  5. I cry, tink of all d reasons am down, n den I cry some more, den I talk to God in my tears, finally I talk to the only one that matters a lot to me, n listens to me attentively n never criticize me, my one n only...... @heelah

  6. Thank you all for your comments. Good to hear your thoughts.